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If you have known or followed me (especially on instagram lately) you know I love vinyl and that I love my vintage record console.

You may have even seen this old post about my record console.


The color and glaze you see above did not last. It just didn’t match my style and the wall paper was too fancy for me, nevermind that the picture is blurry.

Soon enough, this console got another upgrade.


I got lucky and was gifted this 1968 record console from a great friend and I love it more everyday (no joke, not trying to be corny).


I painted the console and added the stained wood speaker covers (the old material was worn and needed replaced). The wood speaker covers are wood cutouts I purchased at Michael’s and stained myself. Then I super glued them onto the console.


I love the combination of wood and vibrant teal, plus the color adds a modern touch to this mid century piece.


Husband noticed a few months ago that the player in the console was just a tad slow and so we removed the 48 year old player (it did it’s job well) and put in our very own vintage record player.

Our vintage $10 thrift find record player finally died after 17 years of faithful service. Husband is sad but we have a new one on the way and this vintage console won't be empty for long #vibrage #vinyl #vintagelife

This did involve taking the back off the console and removing the inner’ds.

The new record player came so we spent the afternoon reworking in innards if our vintage console #vintage #vintagelife #vintagedecor #upcycled #upcycledfurniture

(phone taken photo, sorry)

With all the new found space we were able to put our speakers (the console player speakers were not of use anymore) into console and other random eye soars (modem, router, plugs and cords, hard drive, and more!). And, since the console sits against our front wall right now there was need to add a new back (we of course kept the old one in case) or figure out anything new for the back. Bonus!


See all the cords and messiness under the old version?

We are so happy with our teal music box with built in storage.


record console before and after

What do you think? Any questions?



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