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Hello folks!

It is no surprise that I love vintage and vintage that holds memories is even better. I have acquired quite a little collection of vintage handkerchiefs. I have purchased some of my handkerchiefs from thrift stores and estate sales and some have been graciously handed down to me from my grandmother and from my Aunt’s mother who was like a third Grandmother to me.

I LOVE having items that belonged and were used by people I love. I love thinking that these items were in a home of love and happiness and brought joy to their owners for years. The quality is great and their are all so beautiful.

Alas, most of the handkerchiefs are silk which is great but, for lack of a better term, slides around a lot. I do not wear accessories in general anyway and with my straight, fine hair I have almost no hope of keeping the scarves in my hair for cute vintage styles. I have been holding onto these handkerchiefs for what seems like forever and to me-that is torture. Everything in my home has a purpose and a place but I was struggling with these beautiful handkerchiefs. So what to do?

Well, it finally hit me one day! Tie backs!





I have done this in my bedroom, bathroom, and living room. LOVE IT!

How do you repurpose vintage or free items?



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