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Unwittingly, I have started a little children’s vintage book collection.


Possibly to my own detriment I am going to share my secrets (don’t buy up all the books before I have a chance).

  1. thrift stores- Salvation Army and Goodwill seem to be the best thrift stores (at least in my area) to find vintage books
  2. friends of the library book sale (my fav)- this is held at my local library and happens every 2 months. The sale is well organized and all the books are inexpensive. They even have a local section and a rare and old section. The sale also has a (non-shady) backroom where you can fill a bag and everything in the bag is $1.00!!!! The sale has a free section and a few boxes of vinyl each time I go. –I go and spend $5.00 and come home with way more than I can carry
  3. put yourself out there- this is more advice than where to buy books but I’m counting it :) Everyone in my life knows I value “old things” and so many times, things are given to me. A guy from work, a neighbor who was moving, aunt and uncles, my grandparents, and friends. I LOVE free and I always welcome it. I figure, I can always donate something if it doesn’t fit with my style or brand, so I rarely refuse free
  4. when in doubt-Etsy. If there is something specific you are looking for (like a book theme, certain era, or color) Etsy is a great, inexpensive, and fun way to find things

Here are some of my favorites from my collection:










Good hunting!



2 thoughts on “Where to Buy Vintage Books

  1. ilesfoley says:

    I have all of the Bev Nye Cookbooks and I still have the Littlr Bear book from when you were kids. Fun post!

    1. Amy says:

      Awesome, Thanks!

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