The Little Red Owl

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Hello world!

Here is what I (and The Little Red Owl) have been up to lately:

  • local summer fleas

Lots for sale @thecityflea come on down! 10-4pm @washingtonparkotr

We are @thecityflea and #theoffmarket today. Come to one, come to both. Great deals all around


  • zoo trips


  • local farmers market shopping
  • neighborhood walks with Husband


  • new medication bringing my PMDD down a couple notches-woot!
  • a new nephew! (no photos to be shared yet, family eyes only :))
  • a turn towards selling more upcycled vintage
  • trying new foods
  • attempting to make pom-pom’s with a fork (I don’t recommend it)

Improvement #diy #patience #husbandhelped

I am ready for fall and loving the change in seasons. How bout you?



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