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I am sure it’s no surprise that I LOVE period TV shows. I call all these “vintage TV” even though some are newly made and some are authentically old.

Here are my top 5 and where to watch them (turns out they are all on Netflix, read into that what you will):

1. The Bletchley Circle

bletchly circle

This show is short (3 episodes in the first season and 4 in the second season) but it is so worth the watch. This show has the great combination of being a period piece and also a mystery series. I love that the main characters are all women and they struggle with finding their voice in a male dominated world and also solve complex cases using their skills honed during WWII breaking codes and helping win the war in secret.

Find this series via Netflix.

2. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

miss fishers


I was so sad when my binge watching of this show came to an end. I LOVE this show. The show is set in 1920’s Australia. The costumes are AMAZING and the main character (Miss Fisher) is a feminist and all around awesome lady. This show is more laid back and fun than Bletchley Circle but no less intriguing. There are 2 seasons available now and I know the show got a 3rd season so hopefully that comes soon. I seriously LOVE this show, it has it all (it helps that I find the lead male detective very attractive as well-the clothes, the hat, the attitude-it all works for him).

This series can be watched via Netflix.

3. Call the Midwife

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until: 06/01/2015 - Programme Name: Call The Midwife 4 - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: ++Publication of this image is embargoed until 00.01 hours Tuesday January 6th 2015++ Nurse Trixie Franklin (HELEN GEORGE), Nurse Patsy Mount (EMERALD FENNELL), Sister Julienne (JENNY AGUTTER), Shelagh (LAURA MAIN), Sister Monica Joan (JUDY PARFITT), Sister Evangelina (PAM FERRIS), Nurse Barbara Gilbert (CHARLOTTE RITCHIE) - (C) Neal Street Productions - Photographer: Des Willie


I know most of you already watch this show (because everyone knows it’s awesome) but did you know it had a 4th season? I didn’t! I assumed it was done after 3 seasons(no spoiler) but it isn’t. I was so happy this returned. I love the stories of women and their strength. The show is set in the 1950’s and 60’s and follows a group of midwives (some nuns) and the poor town they serve. Life lessons are learned, women are helping women, women are using their natural strength to bring life into the world, and the world is changing all the time. This is a great show-enough said.

Watch this series via Netflix (for old seasons) and PBS (for the current season).


4. Mad Men

mad men


I know, I know-this show is on every list-but there is a reason.  This show is so awesome and stayed so awesome through it’s entire run. I recently watched the last season and final episode and I was NOT disappointed. The beauty, the costumes, the content, the way the episodes are shot-I could go on and on. Great show. Period.

Watch seasons 1-6 via Netflix (most recently season not available yet, at least legally:))

5. The Dick Van Dyke Show
dick van dyke 2
This show is so fun. Mary Tyler Moore looks amazing (and I crave her wardrobe) and Dick Van Dyke is at his best. D.V.D.’s profession on the show is variety show writer and he and his fellow writers offer great comedy. I love that this show features home life and work life. M.T.M. is a stay at home wife/mother and her character has depth and demands respect from her husband. Love this show from the 60’s.
Watch this series via Netflix.
Get watching!

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