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My sister (not so) recently agreed to be my model for the clothing and shoes available for sale on my Etsy Shop.

debra 1

I had so much fun dressing her up like a Barbie and instructing her “not to smile” to “put your hand there” to “stand like this” and to “look down”.


I might have mis judged my calling as one of those artsy photographers that yells at their models to get into weird positions (though just the yelling part LOL).


debra 4

debra 6

Sister was such a good sport and she looks great in everything! We had a blast and even plan on scheduling another photo shoot. I am pumped-this is the adult equivalent of “playing Barbie”.







DSC_0474 (2)




DSC_0407 (2)


Isn’t she adorable?

I am in the process of listing these items in my shop over the next few days, check it out if you like anything you see.


*by the way, if you don’t follow Barbie on Instagram-you should! Seriously…


6 thoughts on “Etsy Photo Shoot (AKA I Have the Best Sister Ever)

  1. Grandma says:

    I think some of the people you know will be glad to take advantage of your stores.

  2. Grandma says:

    I hope you have lots of customers, cause they could find some really great things.

    1. Amy says:

      Thank you, I think I do :)

  3. Cleona says:

    Where did you get all those darling clothes? She looked real good.

    1. Amy says:

      thanks, so does look great :)

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