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I know I am a little late, but oh well :) Happy 2015!


I thought my chalkboard for the New Year was pretty cute, fireworks and all.


I listened to this record on repeat a few times-such a good compilation.


And I drank Kentucky Mules in succession-they are so taste and easy to make! (and now I am on the hunt for a vintage or locally made copper mug to drink them from in the future)

Goals for 2015:

I am trying to come up with goals for the New Year still, here is my draft:

1. do more blog posting (this can be misleading, I do want to be more disciplined with myself to post more, but I also do NOT want to just be posting for the sake of numbers. I want to post stuff that’s good)

2. be better about listing on Etsy-I tend to fall behind listing new items and it only hurts me

3. prioritize my time

4. be extremely mindful of what I am buying and where/who I am buying it from. you might remember this post from a while ago-like any human person I have good and bad days keeping up with my convictions. I probably buy too much on Amazon and at Target but I am trying REALLY hard to be more mindful. When I think of something I want/need I try to think where I could it-Etsy? local store, local thrift shop? local antique market? farmers market? and then I search for something I LOVE. This also helps with me not getting sick of the thing I bought just because it was cheap. If you buy things you LOVE they will probably be useful and stick around longer.

example: after making Kentucky Mules I decided I wanted to get a hand citrus juicer. So of course I could buy one from Target for $12.49:



or order one on Amazon for $6.15 with free shipping:



OR, I could find one on Etsy that I LOVE:





juicer-milk glass




juicer-teal and white


I am still contemplating which to get and I have not given up yet looking at local stores, thrift stores, and antique malls.

 I will list my final goals for 2015 once I laminate them (Friends reference, anyone?).



2 thoughts on “It’s 2015!

  1. Grandma says:

    I like anything Tupperware, so I like the one you found with the container to save the juice in.

    1. Amy says:

      thanks for the input Grandma. I was thinking it would be really nice to have somewhere to store and then pour the juices.

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