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Today is officially the first day of Autumn. Welcome Autumn!

I have always enjoyed each season change and I always seem ready when it’s time for the next change to come. This year, I am embracing Autumn with wider arms than in the past. It has been lovely so far.


Here are some fun ideas of ways to enjoy the new season:

1. Take a brisk walk and bring your camera along-take pics of the changing season and use the photos as fall decor in your home

2. Go to your local farmer’s market and pick out some new, in season, fruits and veggies to try. Ask the farmer their favorite ways to prepare the items and try it!

3. Find a local apple orchard and pick some fresh apples-take some friends along and make a day of it

4. Plan a pumpkin carving contest with your neighbors or friends and start planning your design

5. Open the windows in your living room, spread a blanket on the floor, snuggle, and watch your favorite movie

6. Go on a hunt for pretty leaves and then make your own garland as fall decor (seen here via The Artful Parent)



7. Make your own Autumn Wreath to welcome guest and bring a smile to passers-by (I think I am going to try and DIY this one)

fall wreath


8. Have a fire and make s’mores (bring your blanket and huddle close)

9. Write down 10 things you are thankful for

10. Plan a way to give back to your local community this Autumn and then DO IT!

Happy Autumn everyone!



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