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I purchased this duvet cover and shams from Ikea a while back:



The only problem is that the bottom has no snaps, no loops, no nothing to hold the comforter in and prevent it from showing.

I am one of those people that makes the bed everyday (Husband does it oo) and the down comforter showing at the bottom of my bed is unacceptable. I have a bed similar to this one from Ikea:



As you can see-the comforter shows through the spindles-it shows to the world!


Finally one day I could take it no more, so I consulted my craft room and, lucky me, I had some sticky back Velcro on hand. Yay!




All I had to do was stick the Velcro on each side of the opening and viola! Done!





So much better right? Do you guys notice small things like this in your home? If so, do you try and find free solutions?

Have a great weekend! If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area come on down to The City Flea in Washington Park in OTR! The weather is supposed to be awesome.

city flea




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